Ochékiwi Sípí Cree Everyday Phrases and Words

Maskékomowina - Swampy Cree

Author: Fisher River Cree Nation

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the Elders of Fisher River Cree Nation who have contributed to this dictionary. Some of our Elders have passed on and we dedicate Ochékiwi Sípí Cree Everyday Phrases and Words to their memory. Our Elders have kept our Cree Language alive and for that we are forever grateful.

We also want to acknowledge the following people who have helped ensure this resource is available for present and future generations of Cree:
Dorothy Ann Crate, Dorothy Frances Crate, David Dumas, Emily Murdoch, Harriet Amos, Joy Conway, Melody Dumas, Nora Murdock, Steve McKay.


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